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Proudly Australian owned and managed, Metlam was established on the basis of this category in the mid 1990's.

The use of contemporary styling and durability in application fulfils a basic need for quality, affordability and readily available toilet and shower partition hardware in which Metlam now lead the Australian market.

Many of our products are now Design Registered or have Patent or Innovation Patent protection in recognition of our design initiatives and that Metlam truly are at the forefront in providing a total hardware package to the commercial toilet and shower partition supply/fit-out market sector.

We also produce certain product within this category as O.E.M. lines for several well known brands both within Australia and globally.

All Metlam product is manufactured to our exacting specifications, with nearly all items in this category made in our own or joint manufacturing facilities under strict Quality Control.

Only the highest grade raw materials such as zinc die cast alloys from Australia, nylon from Europe with proven ductility and toughness (hinge inserts) and #304 stainless steel are used in manufacturing and, where applicable, are then electroplated or powder coated in various finishes to ISO Standards to ensure these products will endure the tough environments they function within.


Metlam can do the work for you in designing your toilet or shower partition hardware program. Simply advise us via Email of your basic requirements, including material type, thickness and number of partitions plus your budget. We can then provide a hardware package recommendation that best suits your specific application, as a free of charge service.


One thing to remember with designing/fitting out a toilet or shower partition program - hinge handing is done from the internal cubicle side of the structure. For example a L/H - H/O {Left Hand - Hold Open} Hinge set-up when viewed from outside the cubicle, is in fact fitted on the right hand side.

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